Tackle 5 Real Problems of Online Admissions with ERP System for University

26 May 2020

Tackle 5 Real Problems of Online Admissions with ERP System for University

“Previous grade cards, diploma, passport size photographs, copies of the original documents, reference letters, address proof, and finance documents…”

A student of mine had called me to confirm the checklist for university admissions. While counting the admission essentials, he missed out on the most important stuff – “Alcohol-based sanitizer, face mask, and gloves!”

Sounds crazy, right?

I am not kidding!

Although governments of various countries have ceased the strict lockdown and allowed the public to move out by taking safety precautions, it doesn’t mean that the deadly COVID-19 virus has left the earth! It’s still there, continuing to grip our lives! As per the latest reports of UNESCO: The deadly pandemic has flipped the lives of around 70% of the world's student population, and left them with no stellar resources of learning.

However, I have GOOD NEWS. With an edTech element, administrators can open the “virtual door” for students & conduct admissions online.

That magical element is - Online Admission Software for University!!

Students don’t need to risk their lives for studying. They can apply, register, and complete the admission procedure successfully with just a few clicks. But as they say - With every new opportunity come new challenges! The roadmap has hurdles that you, being a university administrator, need to address for gaining the success quotient.

So, right here I am jotting down the 5 real problems that can be triumph over quite intelligently by using university admission ERP software…

Problem #1: Confusing University Online Application Form

I would like to begin with a simple example. Assume that there are two students & you give them the same instruction but your choice of words is as follows -

Instruction to Student “A”: Go and eat the apple.

Instruction to Student “B”: Go and eat the red-colored fleshy and delicious product derived from a tree usually found in cold regions.

What do you think, which student will respond to you first?

Student “A” undoubtedly!

The instruction is similar but what makes it different is the complexity created by words. So, when you ask the ERP vendor to design the online application form for university admission, make sure it’s user-friendly, easy to navigate user interface, and has clear instructions written over it. It would help minimize the unnecessary queries of students & manual errors while the students fill their online admission form.

Problem #2: Compatibility of the University Admission Portal

The university administration software portal should be compatible with mobile devices and websites. Period.

Using web services shouldn’t be made mandatory. As a university administrator, always keep in mind that a large group of Gen-Z students relies on mobile devices. In the lockdown situation, if a student doesn’t own a laptop or computer, how would he/she apply for the admission? Therefore, it would be a sensible decision to make the university ERP software compatible with both the platforms.

Problem #3: Improper Analysis of Shared Grade Cards

A few days back, I heard weird news of how two friends altered their grade cards to make fake certificates to get admission to their “dream college”! And guess what? They got the admission too! The university realized it after a whole complete semester! The malpractice not just destroyed their career but also wasted the seats of two deserving & eligible students.

Let’s face it – It wasn’t the fault of students, but universities who didn’t pay attention in the early stages of document verification. To avoid such fraudster online admission activities, you must have an effective data verification module inbuilt in the university management software to generate an authentic merit list of shortlisted students.

Problem #4: Security Issues with - Online Fees Collection

Speaking of the fraudulent activities, I must remind you to choose the online fee management module with highly secured payment gateways. Regardless of how swift admission procedure you conduct, if you fail to tackle e-payment frauds, your aim to attract & retain students would go in vain. On the contrary, if you ensure the best ERP for university management has features like –

  • Two layered Encryption
  • Password & OTP Verification
  • E-receipt Generation on Every Transaction
  • Multiple Modes of Payment Acceptance

It can contribute to your university’s reputation as a thought leader in the industry & take your student enrollment & retention rate straight up to the peak point!

Problem #5: Errors in the Student Admission Data Management

Assume the K12 Faculty & staff in your university have around 40-hour long work week, and nearly 50% of the time is spent in data entry work of the confirmed admission. The precious hours where a lot of other crucial work could have been done gets lost in a data entry that is too filled with human errors!

Think about it for a second. Let it sink in.

Disappointed with the time management?

With cloud based online university admission system software embedded with a data management module, the problem could be solved completely. The student data management system allows the automation of repetitive data entry work so that resources could be optimized. The staff doesn’t need to dig for multiple student files for everyday work! They can store every single detail of online admission at the centralized database & extract the same whenever required 24*7!

To Sum Up

Part of being one of the most supportive universities that are allowing online admissions in lockdown is – leveraging secured online university admission software. Sure, the transition won’t be easier in the beginning but within a few weeks, you will get used to the university software & start seeing results! As the adage perfectly describes - “When shifts and transitions shake you to the core, see that as a sign of greatness that’s about to occur.” You too would witness great results!

For more information about the university ERP software system, get in touch with our edTech experts today!

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