Online Admissions to Universities: A Smart Start to Academic Year 2020

19 May 2020

Online Admissions to Universities: A Smart Start to Academic Year 2020

A look at how university erp software can help you reach your admissions targets

“If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.” Michael Jordan

In life, as in sports, you can always run into a wall. And there is one wall that seems impenetrable at the moment…Covid-19! How do you work around something so small yet so lethal? This viral Pandemic-Wall has been obstructing “in-person” contacts and, ipso facto, the admission process in educational institutions for some months now! And these are those crucial months in a year when students queue up outside admission and fee counters at Universities, eager to pursue their dream course.

No students “in-person” = no admissions! Right? Wrong.

You CAN work around the Coronavirus without risking your life…or that of your students. And while you are at it, you may just discover a smarter, quicker and, of course, healthier way to attract the most eligible students to your University, and keep them there as your students.

The smarter way for your university is the online admission way. Here’s why an online admissions system – usually part of a university management system software package – would help you get off to a smart start in 2020.


1. A Kinder Enquiry Management System

Manning the enquiry counter is a harsh, thankless job. The same enquiries and concerns keep finding their way to the enquiry desk. Shovels of patience and clear-headedness are required to respond accurately and graciously to anxious students and parents. One cross answer or look could mean the loss of a prospective student! An automated admission management system with provisions for enquiry or lead management could save time and resources for the University, while offering all relevant information, updated in real time, to students. A good ERP for University Management would include a system that manages student enquiries efficiently.

2. A Smart Marketing Tool

A smart online admissions system would come integrated with an efficient Lead Management System. Lead Management Systems can reach out to and attract potential students via social media campaigns. The software then creates an authentic lead pool by eliminating ineligible or duplicate leads. It also creates focused segments of leads based on regions, areas of interest, etc. and prevents leads from aging or leaking out. It then sends out customized reminders and alerts for key activities and events to these lead segments. The provision for enquiry follow-up and bulk SMS and E-mailing makes the system a truly clever marketing tool for your University.

3. A Paperless, Hassle-free Application System

When you print admission forms, you can at best have an estimate of the number of applications you will receive in a given academic year. If you fall short, you may have to renew the printing process. If you over-print, you will have wasted both money and paper, since the excess forms would become obsolete by the next academic year. An online erp for university admissions management guarantees 24/7 availability of admission forms. Students can fill up the forms online and upload essential documents from the comfort of their homes. The convenience this affords students is unmatched!

4. 100% Security

It would up your University’s reputation significantly to be able to assure prospective students that their data is safe with the University from the moment they register for admission. Hard copies of student profiles can be easily stolen or misplaced or tampered with. Effective online admissions software sold by a reputed vendor would come with a password protected pre-registration process. A centralized database of student details, which can later be uploaded to your education SIMS, can have multiple log-ins at a time. Only, secure role-based access is granted to various departments in need of the admissions data. The digital records have multiple layers of encryption, keeping them safe from hackers, thieves, malware, manipulation or loss.

5. Flexible, Scalable and Configurable

The flexibility an online system allows for is truly empowering. From being able to set and modify admission dates and fee details to special configurations for reservations as per Governmental norms, you can benefit from a system wherein every detail can be determined and modified by the University without loss of time or resources. On the other hand, it is well-nigh impossible to modify or re-configure details on printed forms. And yes, the system is totally scalable, with no risk of “burn out” when you wish to expand it and take in larger numbers of students.

6. An Integrated Online Fee Payment System

With admissions come fees – the lifeline of your University. An online admission ERP would be incomplete without a digital fee payment system. And the more sophisticated your admission system, the more seamless is the integration of the fee collection software. You can expect the digital fee system to be flexible and easy-to-configure. The best systems have an array of payment options, from credit and debit cards to e-wallets and bank Challan. Advanced systems would also offer only the best payment gateways that are PCI compliant.

7. Rapid Generation of Merit Lists

When you offer real time updates on admission status to students, you show them that you care for their psychological well-being. Traditional systems kept students on tenterhooks. Now that crowding around notice boards is impossible, only an online system can post merit lists rapidly and without errors. The online system not only short-lists merit-based candidates but also auto-generates and publishes this merit list on the University site. This is definitely the more humane way of viewing a merit-list – in privacy and with family around.

To start smart, you know now why online admission is a must. You can trust the University online admissions system not to waste paper or time, to keep your student data safe, to market your University efficiently, to work tirelessly for you 24/7 without getting cross, and, most importantly, to keep the Coronavirus at bay!

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