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Why Online Admission System For Institution?

Every year, students in thousands queue up for collecting admission/application forms and then again for submitting the admission/application forms. This leads to problems in managing the applications, resulting in annoyed parents and students alike.

Online admission software simplifies the complexities of admission by -

  • Enabling students to upload required admission documents
  • Online registration fees payment & collection
  • User-based login access for greater security
  • Receive, track, evaluate & verify digital documents
  • Determining the course eligibility of candidates & creating final merit list

Thus, the university admission software makes the admission journey of students a hassle-free experience & at the same time, empowers schools, colleges, and universities by digitizing the entire admission procedure & eliminating manual-work dependency for seamless student admission data management.

Print Forms

Institute incurs expenditure on printing of admission forms, and in absence of any reliable forecasting system on how much application it is going to receive it may overspend by printing excessive application forms or may fall in crisis if there is excess demand of application forms. Once printed, changes to the application form are not only difficult but also incurs additional cost.

Handle Queries & Distribute Forms

Wastage of institute's resources as same information has to be imparted to candidates / guardians individually. Candidates / Guardians have to queue up numerous times i.e. to collect form, to submit form, to view merit list, etc.

Collect Forms

Chances of form misplacement are very high, because of huge number of applications. Wastage of institute's resources due to involvement of people / teachers in form collection.

Short List Candidates

It is difficult to stop in-eligible candidates from applying. It is a tedious and time consuming process to list out data of each candidate, manually check them against documents submitted, resulting in delay and wastage of valuable resources. Multiple merit lists often leads to duplication of work for the institution, even candidates / guardians have to visit again and again to check the latest merit list.

Online Admission Software For Schools & Colleges

MasterSoft offers the following Online Admission ERP Software to simplify the admission hassles in schools and colleges.

Online Admission Software for Schools

MasterSoft School Admission Software, a user-friendly, robust, and fully customizable platform for the complete digitization of admission-related activities in schools. Built on the latest technology framework, the ERP software reduces tremendous pressure on administrative staff by streamlining operations such as - online application verification, fees collection, filtering eligible students & creating a final merit list to confirm admissions.

  • No Geographical Boundaries
  • No More Hectic Application Process
  • 24*7 Online Admission Application Provision
  • Automated Student Admission Management Software
  • E-receipt Generation & Zero Paperwork
  • Accurate Real-time Reports Related to School Fees & Admission

Online Admission Software for Colleges

Designed & developed to help globally located students seeking admissions in colleges in a - faster, accurate, and systematic way, the College Admission Management System Software by MasterSoft digitizes & streamlines the entire student admission process activities such as online registration, fees payment & collection, merit list generation, and admission confirmation & thus, maintains operational transparency.

  • No need to wait in long queues for application form submission
  • Comfortable online process for college staff & students
  • Provision to set eligibility criteria for admission
  • On-merit based final student selection
  • Enables college authorities to track ongoing procedure
  • Admission-related reports in mere clicks

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Student Registration

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Personal Information Entry

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Features of Online Admission System

  • Inquiry Follow-ups & Bulk SMS and Mailing
  • Online application form filling and submission
  • 24 x 7 Availability of application forms
  • Password protected Pre Registration process
  • Special Configurable Treatment for Reserve class students (SC, ST, Handicap Students)
  • Student inquiry Management with online inquiry form (Integrated with Website)
  • Online payment gateway integration including Bank Challan System
  • Configurable Start Date, End Date and Fees Details
  • Online Payment Processing
  • Configurable Payment Option for Cheque, DD and Online Transfers
  • Real time update on application payment details
  • Branch Change and Admission Cancellation
  • Online Admission Confirmation
  • Dynamic Merit List Generation for all Colleges/Courses
  • Publishing Merit list of short listed candidates
  • Off line inquiry Form for Staff to record inquiries
  • Merit based short listing of Candidates
  • Facility for Branch Sliding
  • Student Registration and Record Management




The Admission process was designed as per the requirements and is integrated with Dynamic Web portal of the Institute. We have been able to manage our Online Admissions smoothly and effectively. Modern day tools like SMS & Email integration, Online Payment Gateway has eased the communication with applicants during the process.

Dr. P Albino Kumar - In-Charge MIS-NIT Manipur

The e-Governance ERP has been customized with functional requirements of GCEK & system is fully functional. The performance of RF-CAMPUS modules in terms of speed, accuracy, integrity & security is excellent. The ERP is under warranty & is maintained by the developer & their services are excellent.

Dr. P. M. Khodke - Central Project Advisor at NPIU, Formerly Principal of GEC Karad

The online Admissions process is designed as per requirement of GEC Goa integrated with Dynamic Web portal. Secured Logins provided to students to upload documents and complete the admission formalities to submit their forms. It also facilitate Online Fees Payment. Admin panel to view Applicant details, download application in PDF. Final list is generated of shortlisted students for notification and letters. Reports are designed as per requirement of GEC Goa and are generated instantly from the system. The solution in terms of speed, accuracy, integrity & Security is good.

Mr. Ganesh Hegde - Professor Incharge of Academics & Examinations & MIS Implementations. Goa College of Engineering.

Since last five years, e-governance ERP RF-CAMPUS developed by MasterSoft is used by all Faculty members, students & Staff of LNMIIT actively. MasterSoft team have managed Online Admissions very smoothly from session 2014-15 & 2015-16. It covers all processes starting from Online Application, Fees Payment, Generating Merit Lists based on Institute criteria and student preferences, Fees collection & upgrading of seats based on vacancies. Apart from basic reports a lot of statistical and analytical reports are generated instantly from system. Modern day tools like SMS & Email integration has eased the communication with Applications.

Dr. S S Gokhale - Director-LNMIIT Jaipur

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